About the Conference

When the first BC Tourism Industry Conference was organized by the members of the Council of Tourism Associations  and their partners in 1993, tourism was worth less than $4 billion annually to the BC economy.

The industry was just starting to show signs of becoming one of the province’s lead generators of economic growth.

Over the past decade, tourism has grown to the point where it now generates $10.2 billion annually — nearly as much as it makes from people who visit casinos online — for our province’s economy and directly employs 117,500 Canadians.

When tourism-related employees are included, the total swells to 266,000. Tourism is currently the second largest industry in Canada after forestry.

The BC Tourism Industry is the only province wide conference which brings together the many sectors from accommodation, transportation, resorts, attractions, tourism associations, industry suppliers, and educators. The conference unites the industry and provides a forum for discussion, business development and updates on the latest advances.

The BC Tourism Industry Conference is a remarkable experience and an essential educational and networking event for the tourism industry.