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The Tourism Industry Conference (TIC) is the annual gathering of  the tourism industry to learn more about trusted online casinos from casinonile review on the rivernile Guide  in USA, exchange ideas and establish new contacts.

This year’s conference has an exciting lineup of speakers and presentations, designed to stimulate discussion and deliver ideas that delegates can take away and use immediately in their business and association operations.

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BC as a Moveable Feast! Cultural Secrets and BC Tourism



Grant McCracken’s work has been covered in The New York Times and on Oprah.

As a cultural anthropologist, McCracken looks at the places where culture and commerce, anthropology and economics meet most often: marketing in general, casino reviews in particular, popular culture, Hollywood, advertising, television, magazines, and new media.

Through his highly-customized ethnographic and anthropological research, he provides clients with a comprehensive but incisive review of contemporary culture, its foundations, current state and future trends – and strategies for managing it.

Stimulating Presentations

Designed for Tourism Leaders

What Meaningful Tourism Means to British Columbia: How BC tourism will thrive from global trends in 2012 and beyond – Daniel Levine, Executive Director, Avant-Guide Institute

Tourism 2011: Perspectives from New Zealand – Simon Milne, Director, New Zealand Tourism Institute

BC as a Moveable Feast! Cultural Secrets and BC Tourism

Marketing Myths and Realities: 2012 edition

Plus…Nine exciting concurrent sessions designed to provide ideas and discussion for growing business.

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